1959 Catolac DeVille - $7,500 (Malad City)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: DeVille
paint color: white
year manufactured: 1959
Ground up restoration of one of the best built canned hams of that era. DeVilles were known as some of the higher end trailers of their time. The rounded cabinetry and hand rubbed shellac finished birch are much more collectible than many of the other trailers of this era . This DeVille is 13 feet long and weighs approximately 1500#. I bought this 9 years ago on a whim and planned to refinish it and use as a guest trailer at my place in Moab. It had the water damage typical to 99% of all canned hams but as I started researching how to restore one properly I realized it was a lot bigger project than I anticipated. The only way to restore these trailers to make them safe and functional is to strip the metal off and assess the framing,flooring and frame. I soon had it down to a bare frame and started repairing any and all water damage to the unit. This entailed new framing and reinforcement and new paneling. All new 12v and 110V wiring were ran and foam insulation added. The rolling frame was reinforced with additional bracing and coated with automotive paint. I then started reassembling the unit and had the body mostly complete. My plans changed and I sold our Moab place. The trailer was towed to our new place in Malad Idaho where it sat tarped and under cover for the next 4 years. I finally found time to start the project back up and pulled it in to my shop. New metal skin all the way to the tune of 2500.00 dollars and new J rail. All of the original Hehr windows were completely rebuilt.New springs to address the sag of 64 years. I added a 12v water pump and new water tank and ran 110v wiring for electrical plugs inside. Also prewired with both 12v and 110 for a future fridge addition if someone desired. All original appliances, stove/oven look almost new, icebox in good shape. Original lights converted to LED and a 12v charge station added. I have 100,s of pictures detailing the process and showing the before during and after condition. I hate to get rid of it but our weather conditions where I now live are not conducive to leaving a classic like this exposed year round and I want my garage space back. If you know about these trailers you will appreciate the attention to detail I put in to it. For those who don't know about these canned hams there are a lot of people selling supposedly restored rigs that only dressed up the inside with paint and curtains and didn't address the underlying water damage which these all have. Professional outfits who restore these start at 16,000 dollars with you supplying the trailer and that doesn't include any upgrades. I purposely didn't finish the interior decorating with cute pillows and curtains as the new owner can choose their own theme. Let me know what questions you have as I,m sure their is much more I have done to make this better than it was new. Possible trade for ?

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